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Denton McLeod by Kygetsu Denton McLeod by Kygetsu
Picture of my OC, Denton McLeod. He's a character that I've had stored away for quite a while, though not one I've ever actually visualized. My hope for being accepted into a certain roleplay community, as well as :iconflesh-odium: drawing her own character for the RP, inspired me to finally flesh him out a bit.

The picture is less complete than I'd like, as I came home today ready to work on it, only to find the nice surprise of having apparently exported it into a .jpeg when saving it last night, rather than a .sai. But truth be told, I rather like the sketchy appearance of it, which in my eyes gives it more the look of an illustration akin to something out of the art seen in TES: Morrowind. Once again I find myself in the old habit of not worrying about all the details, so long as the picture can be seen as a whole at a single glance. All the same, I'll likely still continue working on it, as well as more art of Denton himself.

Male | Human | 32 | Transporter


Denton could best be described as a man of action. He would much rather do, than talk about, but when it comes down to it, he's rarely in a position to do so, instead following the orders he's given by those higher up in The Hand than he. All the same, despite his cavalier attitude as well as well as the fact that he's truthfully little more than hired muscle, he does his work with ruthless, if sometimes unorthodox efficiency. He carries a dry, sarcastic humor, often making jest at other people's expense, while seeming rather indifferent if others make jokes at his. He comes off as cold hearted, but it would be more accurate to call him money driven, as so long as he's getting paid, he will be willing to do just about any job; though his conscience does at times get the better of him, something that gets him into trouble more often than not, though never enough to force him to make the terrible decision of betraying his employers.


Denton is a tall, fairly muscular and dark haired man, with a charming smile and kind, deep set hooded gold eyes -- a relic of an aesthetic genetic alteration in some past relative. He looks slightly older than his age, and his face is more often than not peppered with facial hair, more out of negligence for his own grooming than an active choice in style. His clothing suits function, rather than fashion, giving him a rather rugged appearance, especially since said garb is more often than not covered with oil and the like from maintaining his rust bucket of an airship.


Denton has lived in Tot all of his life, growing with a great amount of knowledge in maintenance and engineering of airships, his father acting as his mentor.
Little of great importance has happened in his the past thirty two years, other than the struggle to make money, survive, and make his way from birth to death with as little trouble as possible -- Something that has not always gone to plan, as when Denton tries to avoid conflict, it seems to find him on its own. He's spent some time as a Helmet for The Hand of Grace, working as a Transporter and less than glorified delivery boy on runs that are deemed best suited for those The Hand considers "worth losing". He has no ambition to progress within the guild, instead preferring the distance he has managed to find from them in his position. So long as he gets paid what he considers a fair wage he has nothing to complain about, and would like to keep it that way.

Other Information:

His left arm, and many of the joints in his body are mechanical, all of them hooked up to a steam powered device containing a small boiler and micro-difference engine lodged in his nervous system -- A stark reminder of a job gone wrong. All the same, this hinders him in little to no way, other than an occasional need to refill on purified water, and the obvious weak spot that such a device entails on his anatomy, as well as the potential attention from those who might not agree with such physical alteration. In spite of this, his prosthetics grant him some measure of greater strength in their reinforcement of his body.

When it comes to the rough and tumble, Denton prefers close quarters combat, and will resort to using his body strength and brawling ability, or scattergun to get the job done.
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Shompu Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012
Great backstory!

(And I like his color scheme \o/ )
chaos-sandwhich Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
awesome i like the detailed description
AbigailJarvis Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Woah, a male character that looks very male, kudos. He kinda looks like Brad Pitt with the Comedian's outfit (y'know with the sleeveless shoulder-guard thing).
Flesh-Odium Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Btw.. I love the way you think about art. It's truly the soul of art you embody. Never stop your art.
Flesh-Odium Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I WISH TO MARRY.... uh....

I <3 it
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